About Us
Cristian Acquati is the C.E.O of the Company.

His idea was to create a totally new Form of School which allows anyone, ONLINE or ONSITE to get Certified fast and change life. 

Adaptation is the key. And today the market asks clearly for IT certified people. 

What was missing was a FULL training completely simplified. 

And this is what we created for the very first time. 

The whole Process is guided step by step and leads you quickly to your goal. 

Cristian will constantly follow up with you through Strategy Sessions ensuring that you will respect a clearly defined plan with no issues at all. 

Arpit Pandit is the C.T.O of the Company. He has 2 CCIEs (Routing and Switching and Service Provider). 

He has been teaching CCNA CCNP and CCIE for over 10 years. 

Arpit helps students to get certified through a unique course designed for optimising the learning. He will follow you up directly until you will reach your goal of getting certified.  

Arpit will assist you directly technically at any stage of your program so that you will never get stuck for any reason. 

This combination is a real game changer. You are not alone anymore. 

You will simply need to apply our our program and we will follow up your progress step by step until you will get certified at your desired level. 

Even if you start from Zero. 

Welcome to the revolution. Welcome to your new IT career.