Who are we?
We are 2 Professional IT guys who decided to simplify all the Networking Concepts for you.

We created the first IT School which provides all the information, Step by Step, plain and simple, both ONLINE and ONSITE.

You will get a clear Guided Process which will lead you towards your goal extremly quickly.
Our results speak for themselves.

If you still believe that you need 6 months to get the CCNA, well that's not true.

Not with us at least.

We are different.

Our students, even if in the majority of cases are FULL TIME workers, starting from zero, they get their CCNA in 2-3 months average.

If your goal is CCIE, well, we are the only ones who offer ONSITE courses (in class of 12 people maximum) 8 weeks, 8 hours/day, 5 days a week, for a total of 320 hours in class.

Out there, for a similar price they offer you only a 40 hours Bootcamp. 

Do you understand why our student get CCIE certified?

Yes, we are different. 

We don't do Bootcamps. 

We provide High Quality and Powerful FULL TRAININGS ONLY. 

With us you will reach your goal in a fraction of time because we give you all the information, clearly, and from Zero.

No one is left behind, for any reason. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Schedule immediately a strategy session with us and get Certified.